Dating Satan

--- Keshia Carr ---

The Dating Satan podcast will explore toxic connections within personal relationships and immediate family. We will share stories about defeating obstacles, open up about every-day challenges, and share ideas and advice for overcoming toxic relationships. We will breakdown the misconception that Satan is only a male in the relationship. Each one hour episode will zero in on topics we all think about regularly, like the healing process after Dating Satan, red flags, healthy relationships, the effects of social media on relationships, self-analyzation, and effective communication. This podcast is real and relatable, exciting and educational, and will have you fully engaged with the joy, pain, and comedy we all go through in life!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 9: Dating in the LGBTQ plus community

    Some people have a misconception of dating in the LGBTQ Community. Perhaps, some of us thinking it's easier and they don't have the same challenges that other communities face. WRONG! Dating is Dating. And these days it can be as difficult, trifling, and down right dangerous no matter where you ...


  2. Episode 8: Dating Satan Male Perspective v.2

    Men often times have a mind of their own in relationships. The COVID pandemic has exploited gender behavior in relationships far beyond anything we could've imagined. In this episode, guest Trell claims "Covid made me do it." Find out more of what COVID made Trell do in his relationship that ...


  3. Episode 6: Travel Boo

    As the saying goes: "You can't let your left hand know what the right hand is doing except for praying and counting money". Sometimes you have to "move" in silence. Relationships are know difference as per guest Aye Dee. Log on to for more original content from Dating Satan. ...


  4. Episode 5: Demon to Satan Part 1

    Right when you thought Dating Satan was calming down ... the Demon emerges. You can't make this stuff up! ...


  5. Episode 4, I Married His Friend, Part 2

    A follow up conversation from falling in love with the "other" person. A show you don't want to miss. ...